The Flour we deal in are the brilliant fixing to make use of. It can be used for making breads, paratha, chapatti, cakes, and the whole thing in the middle. It has freshness, mild flavor and lighter tone.


Our range of Rice are the gluten free grains, suited for a good nervous system health. It gives energy to the body and has many diuretic as well as digestive qualities.


We offer Cookies enriched with vitamins, fiber and minerals. These have many health benefits and do away with the constipation. They are too crispy which add to their delicious taste.


Snacks we offer are the best healthy time pass for your pauses. They taste so good, fresh and savory. Have them anytime of the day and enjoy a hetahful snacking.


The Namkeen of each choice is available at us. Enjoy them with tea or make mumure and chiwda chaat with these snacks. They will also let you prepare the toothsome bhelmuri at home.